Search Ensembles

Search Ensembles “Prescient / Legend”

“Search Ensembles” is a recording project initiated by Dale Lloyd.
“Search Ensembles” is a play on the term “search party” (or parties) which means:”a group of people conducting an organized search for someone or something lost or hidden.” One reason why the word “ensembles” was chosen over “ensemble” is because the project, albums and tracks feature more than one “ensemble”. Sometimes a track only features one person.

“Search Ensembles” est un projet d’enregistrement initié par Dale Lloyd.
« Search Ensembles » est un jeu de mots sur le terme « groupe de recherche » (ou groupes) qui signifie : « un groupe de personnes menant une recherche organisée de quelqu’un ou de quelque chose perdu ou caché ». L’une des raisons pour lesquelles le mot « ensembles » a été choisi plutôt que « ensemble » est que le projet, les albums et les morceaux comportent plus d’un « ensemble ». Parfois, une piste ne présente qu’une seule personne.

“Prescient / Legend”

Published 2019/02 on either/OAR.

Publié 2019/02 sur either/OAR.

The second Search Ensembles artifact sees the return of Cédric Peyronnet (Toy Bizarre, Kaon / Ingeos, Sechres Mound,), Cyril Herry (Ninth Desert, Sechres Mound), Phil Legard (Xenis Emputae Travelling Band, Hawthonn), Michael Northam, Alan Courtis (Anla Courtis, Reynols), Jani Hirvonen (Uton), Slavek Kwi (Artificial Memory Trace), Jon Tulchin and Dale Lloyd (and/OAR, Seattle Phonographers Union, Lucid), plus first time involvement from Eric Lanzillotta (Eye Music, Ri Be Xibalba, Anomalous Records), Mark Reynolds and Mike Hallenbeck (Archive, Junior Birdman Audio).

Whereas the first album mostly presented unrefined aural snapshots of elusive and impenetrable civilizations and phenomena, the second album continues along similar lines with longer pieces while also presenting an increased utilization of electronic instruments and processes. The title is partially in reference to what were initially two different albums gradually becoming combined into one after a long process of being reworked and revised into one integrated whole. Furthermore, the title points toward a mental state of foretelling and recollection which in turn illustrates the idea that everything really exists in the eternal present (on an infinite number of time lines) rather than on one locked linear time line. Many indigenous people around the world have traditionally perceived life this way.

Search Ensembles

  • Alan Courtis: field recording
  • Cedric Peyronnet: bass guitar, electronics, field recording, objects, percussion, synthesizer, voice
  • Cyril Herry: objects, voice
  • Dale Lloyd: bass guitar, field recordings, vocal sounds, objects, percussion, plexiglass, production, recorder (flute), synthesizer
  • Eric Lanzillotta: synthesizer
  • Jani Hirvonen: electronics
  • Jon Tulchin: field recording
  • Mark Reynolds: percussion
  • Michael Northam: field recordings, flute
  • Mike Hallenbeck: field recording
  • Phil Legard: flute
  • Slavek Kwi: percussion, synthesizer