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  • [Archive] toy.bizarre TV report  (2009)

    [Archive] toy.bizarre TV report (2009)

    TV report (2009) : kdi-dctb-146 (recording-session), kdi-dctb-122 (sound installation) &  La Rivière (kaon) projects are briefly (briefly) & misquoted discussed [french] …. as usual with these reports. Some nice shots of the Taurion river. Reportage TV (2009) : projets brièvement / partiellement évoqués & déformés (comme d’hbitude avec ce genre de reportage) : (enregistrements autour de)…

  • kdi dctb 122 [f]kdi dctb 122 [f]

    kdi dctb 122 [f]kdi dctb 122 [f]

    Composed & recorded July 2001; mixed winter 2005. Edited on CD by taâlem, april 2006. kdi dctb 122 [f]“kdi dctb 122 [f]” is a sound work of “interpreted cartography”, having for topic, on the one hand, the sound environment included/understood in a radius of 750 m around the village of La Pommerie, St Setiers (France),…

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