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kdi dctb 278

kdi dctb 278

New CD out (2015/09) on Semperflorens.

kdi dctb 278” is what I call a sound film. Its shape entirely and solely based on the sound recording of places – as in all of my pieces fits my refusal to make a choice of abstraction or  narration and willingness to stay in an in-between , to maintain a dialogue between  abstraction / narrative, which would be close to the daydream.

“kdi dctb 278” was recorded 1994~2013 @ various locations ; sequences built for various projects.

Some parts appeared first in the kdi dct 216 “garden / square meter” series (Melbourne), thanks to Jude Anderson, Jacques Soddell.

Tested live (parts) @ Instants Chavirés, L’Audible Festival, Paris, 2012/09, thanks to Jérôme Noetinger.
Tested live (fully) @ Sonikas, Madrid, 2013/12 – thanks to Juan Carlos Blancas, Alfonso Pomeda & the man-who-saw-codex-but-lost-the-way.

This version, mixed 2015/06 @ TBS


Release date: 09.2015
Label : Semperflorens
Time: 41:43 mins
Format: CD in DVDBOX
Limited to 500 copies