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kdi dctb 257 [A]

kdi dctb 257

New mini-CD (2015/07) on Aufabwegen :

“In 2010-2011 I was invited to work with 2 groups of students within the frame of « Territoires sonores, portée art’ur, réseau d’action culturelle des lycées agricoles publics des Pays de La Loire », in the cities of Saint-Herblain and La Roche-sur-Yon.
We worked for a few months listening, recording, and composing with their sound environment.
I was particularly interested by one the recording session they made in the Conservatoire de Musique : hearing instruments through walls, stairs and corridors… It sounded really great… a basis for a a real maze. So it became my basis to what I call “my first ever pop music piece”, which is a real maze, a glance through the building at first, and then it goes deeper and deeper.”

Based on piano, trumpet, drums and voice.
Played live (4 channels version) @ Conservatoire de Musique de La Roche-sur-Yon, May 2011

Release date: 08.07.2015
Order no.: aatp37
Label code (LC): 01291
Time: 18:45 mins
Limited to 500 copies