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kdi dctb 166 [a]

kdi dctb 166

[one hour as a well]

One hour as a well This sound piece, designed around the audio recording of a well, done on 26/08/2004 in Pommier, Bellac, France, is carried out within the framework of the [As] radio show on ResonanceFm in London.

Any hollow “tube” is a body which resounds according to the sound vibrations, and whose frequency of principal resonance is proportional to its diameter and its length.

A microphone “plunged” in this tube allows to collect this frequency which modulates and is modulated by the sounds of the sound environment in which it is.

Everyone made already the experiment to listen to the sounds through a plastic pipe, for example, and remembers in the way in which the surrounding sound was found coloured.

This principle was already applied in my work [1], in order to carry out a first sculpture of the sound of it (… “natural”), or simply to collect particularly marked acoustic situations (sound signatures of objects or places).

And after all, a well is nothing other than a tube whose diameter makes it possible however to obtain a significant low frequency band [2].

My parents have a well in their garden, located at 1km of a trunk road and under an air lane: I decided to put my ears at it.

The well is a kind of “hole” absorbing the sounds and the dye of its own sound signature ; it is not a sound source but an object with acoustics so particular that it colors the surrounding sounds in the continuous drone. These same surrounding sounds (motor vehicles, planes, wind, birds, insects…) “also play” the well as a mouth would blow in a wind instrument.

It then becomes difficult to dissociate the “inside of the outside” [3].

kdi dctb 166 [a] [one hour have has well ] is a first audio piece designed around this concept of the recording of the sound signatures of the wells ; it is carried out within the framework of the radio broadcast [As] on ResonanceFm in London.

Technical notes

Recorded : 26/08/2004 in Pommier, Bellac (87), France between 18h00 and 19h00;
System : 2 omnidirectional microphones separated from 1m and laid out with 1m50 of depth inside the well;
Composed/mixed : 27/08/2004 ;
Duration : 1h00 ; the piece consist of a simple superposition of the sequence of the rough recording of the well (1h00) + the same sequence played back an octave higher (0h30) + the same reversed sequence (0h30) ;
no audio treatment was carried out.


[1] See for example kdi dctb 053 B, on
[2] the frequencies of resonance of this well are around 20Hz
[3] See, on this subject, the chapter “inside and outside” in “Le promeneur écoutant” of Michel Chion – ISBN 2-90803496-4