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kdi dctb 122 [f]

kdi dctb 122

Composed & recorded July 2001; mixed winter 2005. Edited on CD by taâlem, april 2006.

kdi dctb 122 [f]“kdi dctb 122 [f]” is a sound work of “interpreted cartography”, having for topic, on the one hand, the sound environment included/understood in a radius of 750 m around the village of La Pommerie, St Setiers (France), and on the other hand the sound events related to the “birth of the morning dew” in the same perimeter.

The original version (July 2001) of the piece was presented in the form of a sound installation on a 10 channels audio system: 10 places, 10 sound paintings or scenes, of the perimeter; in that, this piece can be regarded as a partial restitution of the space around the village of La Pommerie in July 2001 without to claim to be the reality.

Concretely, work consisted here of multiple sound recordings in/on 10 “micro places” of the perimeter; where I recorded all the characteristic elements. These sound captures, these materials, were then carved by means of electronic and software processes.

The final composition is carried out only starting from these only elements, like a microscopic exploration of space; in that it can be regarded as the soundscape of the place which I give to hear.

The concept of spatialization was here one of the major concerns in the installation form of the work; this new mix carried out in the winter 2005, is only intended to be listened with headphones (Binaural mix).

This work was originally completed within the framework of a residence initiated by Appelboom (Huub Nollen) joint between Jean Paul Ruiz and Cédric Peyronnet, whose topic was “an artist invites another artist”. The residence led to the realization of a joint work around the topic of the morning dew and the composition of the piece “kdi dctb 122”.