toy.bizarre / Cédric Peyronnet

kdi dctb 008


A collection of forgotten & unreleased pieces of rural headphone electro(acoustro)nic music (1996-2000). CD released by Kokeshidisk, january 2007.


  1. kdi dctb 013 | Pièce avec fourmis et système feedback. Ants and a feedback system as the sole sound sources. Recorded in Farsac, Eymoutiers (France) 1997. Composed 1997–2000. Published on V/A “Circles of Infinity”, double tape (Different version).
  2. kdi dctb 048 [b] | Paysages Détournés – Musique pour Bernard Clarisse. Composed 1997-1998. Published on « kdi dctb 48 » CD (Atmoject).
  3. kdi dctb 048 [a] | Asklepios – Musique pour Bernard Clarisse. Composed 1997 – 1998. Published on « kdi dctb 48 » CD (Atmoject).
  4. kdi dctb 026 | Pièce avec cadrocable, vent et pluie. Piece using specific tools to record wind and rain sounds (cadrocable, tuyophones…). Recorded at Pierre du Roi, St Sulpice Laurière (87), France, 1996. Composed 1997–2000. Published on V/A CD “Elekt Noiz n°4” (msbr).
  5. kdi dctb 044 [b]. Composed 1996. Published on V/A « Kontrast » boxset (Duebel).
  6. kdi dctb 059 [a]. Collaboration with K2 ; composed only with K2 sounds. Composed 1997. Unreleased.
  7. kdi dctb 065 | Pièce avec fourmis, système feedback et train. kdi dctb 065 is a serie of actions and sound pieces using (moving) ants with a special feedback system and the natural echo of a pine wood as the sole sound sources. Recorded Bois des Bardys, St Priest-Taurion (87), France, 1996-1997. Composed 1996-1998. Published on V/A CD “Effe”.
  8. kdi dctb 052 [c] | Pièce avec centrales hydoélectriques. Serie of pieces dealing with hydroelectric powerstations. Recorded 1997–1998, centrale EDF de St-Marc, St-Martin-Terressus (France) and other hydroelectric powerstations of the Limousin area. Composed 1997-1999. Unreleased.


On Taalem’s side label, Kokeshidisk we find a collection of Toy Bizarre pieces from the years 1996 to 2000. Toy Bizarre, since long the name used by Cedric Peyronnet, has worked inside electronics and field recordings since the time when nobody knew what microsound is. Transforming field recording using analogue synthesizers and sound effects, later on moving to the use of computers. Toy Bizarre started in a time when releasing music on cassette was still a good alternative, so many of these pieces are no longer available. This collection has eight of these pieces, in a non-chronological order, more from the 1997 area than the year 2000. It’s a very nice collection of pieces that show that he was ahead of his time, in using silence and minimalist approaches, but also in using drone like material as well as acoustic sources. If you are a fan, this will update your collection, and if you are not a fan yet, it’s time that you became one.

in Vital Weekly n°565